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Hello -

i figure now is as good a timy as any to buy a new mac, considering the deal apple is having on memory - its pretty good compared to some other vendors online, specifically crucial.

anyway - i just wanted a few quick pointers before i placed the order.

1.) Between the 9800 and the 9600 ATI, is there a really vast difference? besides the 400 - I'm into grahic design, but I'm also a student, and 400 bucks is a LOT of money to me.... is it safe to downgrade to a 9600 without loosing too much performance in graphic apps like photoshop, final cut, after effects, and in some cases, Maya?

2.) I'm going for 2 GB RAM... any reason not to??

3.) as much as I'd like the 250 GB internal, 160 seems fine to start with, plus saving $112. What brand and model of internal HD does apple use? I figure i can add a new internal when i need to... any objections? I figure its probobly cheaper too - where should i look if i want another internal after i buy

4.) I'm looking at getting one of the Apple Flat Panel Cinema displays... I'm most intruiged by the 23" HD display, but the 20" is also $800 cheaper... i understand apple is long overdue for display updates... what are your thoughts? should i wait for display updates - is the 20" as good as the 23"?

speaking of displays, is it likely the graphics cards offered by apple now will be able to support updated displays in teh future? for example - if i got the 9600 pro, is it likely I'll be able to connect the rumored 30" cinema display to it when it's released? what about the 9800? i imagine the architecture is the same... either way - I'm really excited about the apple LCDs, just trying to make the right decision.

thats all i have... thanks for the input in advance!!!


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    Purchasing advice belongs in General Discussion.

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    i dont think u will notice any difference for photoshop, etc. the only one u will notice a difference with is maya but the 9600 is definitely capable. i have an emac which uses the 7200 (i think) and i have no probs with photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, etc. the only real reason to step up to 9800 is for superior gaming but that doesnt really matter considering u would prob be using a pc if u were a big time gamer.
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