disk utility broken after update

in macOS edited January 2014
hi, last night i updated x to 10.3.3 and since then disk utility refuses to launch, due to this i cant mount any disk images or do anything that i need that app for, so i cant even download the update to reinstall it, since it is in itself a .dmg file that requires being mounted, toast 6 and other software wont mount disk images after this update, they just crash, is anyone else experiencing this issue, or does anyone know of a solution that can fix this stupid problem.


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    hyperb0lehyperb0le Posts: 142member
    This happened to me after updating to 10.3.2. Turns out that Disk Utility had somehow been corrupted, so I got someone to send me the .app file. Works fine now (note: after copying the person's file, make sure to repair permissions).
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    actually i ended up doing an archive and install, then downloading the update again and just closing everything whilist it ran and things are normal again thank heavens.
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