ipod 3rd generation or ipod 4th generation

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I planning on getting an ipod. Since there are rumors that apple might lower prices on ipod is that a sign of the 4th generation of the ipod. Should I wait till 4th generation to see what they do about the battery. if the song capacity increases for the 299 bucks. Will it be worth it to bve away from my precious over a week to have its battery replaced or the whole ipod replaced.


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Wait. I love my new 15GB iPod but they are bound to get better with the iPod mini controller.

    Electrostatic buttons is nice in concept but I can't tell you how often I need to wipe the plastic for it to work. i.e. don't even think about eating a snack and using the iPod (unless you use the wired remote which I never do since it's so long.)

    And I'm clean it really is not sensitive enough once it's a bit oily.
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