lacie porche writer usb2 & pb g3

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hi all,

anyone here who has gotten his lacie porche cd writer working??

i've got an (old) PB G3 400 and i cant get the porche writer working

any advice??



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    What OS?

    IIRC you have USB 1.0 which may not be compatible with some devices. If you get the drive to work -- you will only be able to burn at ~4x (max).

    If your laptop has a cardbus (PCMCIA) then consider getting a USB 2.0 card.

    EDIT: Oh and this should be posted in the Genius Bar...
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    paxanpaxan Posts: 25member
    Thank you for the fast reply Wickes,

    (did i get your name right ?)

    I'm running OS 9.1 and indeed, my G3 only has USB 1

    built in. Could this really be the problem?

    If it does i think i know why Lacie customer support does not

    answer my question...

    Oh and i was not quite sure but now i will move the issue to the

    genius bar.

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    No need to repost... the Mods will move it if they feel like it.

    Now what do you mean... not working? Please describe what happens...
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    paxanpaxan Posts: 25member
    Hello, i'm back,

    What happens is simply that the cd-rw is not recognized by Toast 5.2.1 nor 5.2.3,

    although they're the custom software.

    No way


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    When you connect the drive does it show up in ASP?
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Moving to Genius Bar.
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    paxanpaxan Posts: 25member

    Sorry, been away & not on the internet some while,

    Yes, the cd-writer shows up in the ASP.

    Meanwhile i've been wizardring with extensions and re-installing my 1.3.5 apple

    usb-driver but untill now: no hope for a better world.

    Glad to be back,

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    I can't think of anything else... sorry.

    Can anyone else take a shot at this?
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