DVDSP 2.x broken?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
According to some pals of mine at a local post house, DVDSP 2.0 is horribly broken. As one put it, "It's Premiere 5.0 all over again."

For those with short memories, Adobe's Premiere 5.0 was the version that wouldn't even install on a Mac -- and this was before Premiere went Wintel only. The Mac version of Premiere 5.0 was so bad, Adobe had to put out a 5.1 point upgrade before it would even install on a Mac.

I'm told the Apple discussion boards are totally stoked about DVDSP 2.0 being broken, but of course I couldn't get there to confirm it.

My pals reverted back to DVDSP 1.5 to get their job out the door.
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