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I've been offered an apple laptop. How much should I offer for this:

Powerbook G4




15 Inches Combo Drive

Brand New


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    Put US$1200 on the table.

    Haggle with the seller.

    Don't let him/her go above US$1550.

    You can get the exact same unit refurb from Apple for US$1599.

    PowerBook G4 1GHz/256MB/60GB/Combo/GigE/Aluminum/15"TFT - Refurbished - $1,599.00
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    What Brad said.

    You'll need to lay out a bit of money ASAP anyway, to skootch the RAM up. I'd start with $1200 and see what happens. Good luck...it's an awesome machine: perfect size (the whole 3 Bears thing comes to mind...not too big, not too little...just right).

    I'm so, so glad I got the 15".
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