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So right now, my G3 Ibook has the standard Airport card. However, my hub is G. I am loosing out on the speed right now. Is there an adaptor or something that will let me plug in a AirportX card into here. If not, will those USB G network adapters work. They look like USB keys but are network cards. Are they compatible with apple?

The only thing.. I have USB1.0. I guess the G speeds would render useless. Since USB1.0/1.1 is limited to 11mbps, the same as the Airport, I would really have to get the Airport X since I can't get pcmcia cards on here.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    You are stuck.
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    Blah! Wonder if they make a wireless G "card / adaptor" that comes out the Ethernet or Firewire ports.
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