my first chip

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I've had my new PowerBook for about 10 days now, so far I'm thrilled w/ OS X (the real reason I bought this thing).

I've been reading horror stories of paint problems on these things and so of course keeping this in the back of my mind always when working on it w/ great care, I babied my new powerbook w/ screen protectors, sleeves, placement of my book on the desktop, never wore a watch around it, etc... and as fate would have it ...

I've got my first chip. Kinda bummed out about it for $3500 not incl. tax.


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Congrats on your new Powerbook.

    The first chip will probably be the hardest. I remember I went crazy after I got the first scratch on my iBook.
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    mac+mac+ Posts: 580member
    Yeah - congrats on the new TiBoook (This was a great revision and I wish I waited a bit longer before I purchased mine in December of last year - but then again I have had some unique opporunities b/c I had the TiBook and OS X with me, so I'm not disappointed that I plunged in when I did.)

    I used to be freaky about getting the darn thing scratched too. But then, one day it happened - Lord knows how... I handled this baby with kid gloves! And then, again, another scratch. Not to mention the oily residue of fingerprints upon the Ti casing and latch area.

    Now, I'm resigned to the fact that this computer is in fact a working tool for me and if it encounters some wear and tear whilst on the job - then that just adds to the character. Look at Springsteen's telecaster - that baby ain't pristine no more. Computers that you move about with - same thing: it's inevitable, they will get scratched.

    Still, I remember that feeling when I noticed the first scratch... it sure does suck.

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