Good *free* Web Publishing software?

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I've just found out today that my University gives us some personal webspace(!). Its only for "academic use" though (bah). I haven't been able to connect to the server from my Mac yet -- I was only able to put up an iPod ad using FrontPage from a campus computer. Since this (obviously) isn't an option for publishing from my PB, I was hoping you guys would have some suggestions of good Mac Web Publishing freeware. I've searched VersionTracker for "web publishing", as well as googled for it, but I haven't turned up anything useful \

Actually, I'm confused. I have some FTP clients floating about. Can I just upload stuff using FTP onto my website? All advice would be much appreciated.


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    Any ftp client will let you upload to your webspace. If you meant what is a good free app to create web pages with, I find that Composer (comes as part of Mozilla) is great for making fairly basic web pages. It's pretty much like using a word processor.
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    All you need are two things:

    1. A text editor (preferably SubEthaEdit ) for writing your HTML.

    2. an FTP client for uploading it to your web directory.

    Your school should offer some sort of instructions about what the server address is and what directory is public. At NCSU, for example, we have to create a "www" directory at the top of our campus home directory and that becomes our public web space. I suspect it's something similar for you. "htdocs" is another more common web directory name.
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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    Second vote for Composer, part of Mozilla.
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    I second SubEthaEdit, great if you know how to write HTML. It's basically TextEdit with colour-coding of tags, etc, which is all I need. It's bloat-free, and best of all, free!
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    I use Taco HTML Edit. The name makes me hungry!
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