X11 for the first time...

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Ok, keep in mind I have NO idea about X11...well a basic idea, but REAL basic. Just that it allows you to run programs that were originally created for unix xwindow systems right?

Well I am under the impression I can use DCGUI in X11 from the files here. What I want to know, is once I get the files, which I'm not even sure what I should have, how do I get them to run in X11? I havn't really tried this, so it may be really easy, but I figured I'd do this as a quick way to learn how to use X11.

Can somone explain why there is a window in X11 like the terminal? I don't get it, if X11 is just an xwindow interpreter, why does it have to run seperately, why can't you just have ugly windows showing, like kinda with OS 9, only better integrated without the ugly toolbar?
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