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¿How can i use xserver to streama live 24/7 live broadcast channel?


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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,780member
    I had the exact same question.

    I think that when Quicktime 6 is released with MPEG4 and the Quicktime Streaming Server, the possibilities for a Desktop Video revolution are unlimited.

    Having benefitted greatly from Revolution One (Desktop Publishing), I'd like to be a part of this one, but Apple's Quicktime site is somewhat useless for someone who's looking to start their own Quicktime channel.

    My biggest questions:

    To serve a local city (In my case, Toronto) how many Xserves would I need and what kind of internet connections do I plug them into (OC3 or greater?)

    Also, if I wanted to go into this in a big way, do I rely on a single "plug-in" to the net or place servers across the city (like a mini-version of Akamai?)
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