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sorry to breach a point of etiquette--

i did't know it was rude to post to this list. it seemed to be germain/topical to my question.

i have never started a thread before, but will try to do so now with this question.



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    tchiptchip Posts: 5member
    looks like i DID succeed in creating a new thread (when i thought i was finishing the othe one, hence the ooops)

    here is the question i had asked:

    can you make iDVD burn a SHORT project onto a CD (ie, i think it would be a "super vCD" ? i want it to stay in higher resolution format of the DVD. i don't want to drop down to VCD)

    (background context:

    i have made a short film (3.5 minutes) with iMovie. I then packaged it with iDVD and it runs great on reg. consumer DVD player. It's the sort of thing we'd like to be able to potentially give away to extended family members (might need 30 to 60 copies ultimately). I like having it set up so it can play in the now ubiquitous consumer DVD players most of them have hooked up to their tv's. When iDVD burns it onto a DVD-R the entire disk, menus and all, is only 415Mb. i'd like to burn it onto ordinary (and cheap) CD's rather than the relatively pricier DVD's.)

    I vaguely recall somewhere reading a relatively simple workaround, but can no longer seem to find it.

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    Toast can do it, I think.
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    toast it
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    tchiptchip Posts: 5member
    ok. i looked at roxio's site. is toast6 all i'll need--are there any "must have" features in the more expensive toast "with jam" ?

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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    You don't need Jam for video. It's used for making audio CD's. Jam's main features are cross-fading and normalizing tracks.
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