Backups of my DVD movies?

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I know many people think that copying CD's and DVD's is bad, but honestly I have already ruined two DVD's from constant play. (family guy and upright citizens brigade) I really don't want to spend money everytime I over use my DVD's, especially $40 on TV series sets.

Anyway, my friend uses his DVD burner on his PC to make backup copies of his DVD's. Does anyone has any software made for Macs that they can recommend for doing the same. Free would be good but I don't mind buying software.



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    DVDBackup 1.3 for stripping the macrovision, css, fbi warnings, etc...

    Produces mostly unaltered vob files...

    Then use DVD2One to shrink it down, to fit on a 4.3 gig blank DVD-r...

    Then use Toast to burn the resulting files from DVD2One onto the disk..

    VoilÃ*! A legal DVD copy for your own private home use.

    Use these powers carefully...

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    trampttrampt Posts: 23member
    Well now I shall have to buy some blank DVD's. Someone said that I should use DVD+R's and not DVD-R's because of player compatibility issues. Anyone know if this is a big deal or not?

    Thanks again Scarecrow.
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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    Well, if you are using the Superdrive, DVD-R or -RW is what you have to use, it is all that is burnable. Also, DVD-R is more compatible with dvd players than DVD+R is. So yeah, go with DVD-R.
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