iMac FP will NOT sleep!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My 1Ghz 17" FP iMac running 10.3.3 will not go to sleep. If I select it from the menu, it goes through the motions, the screen goes to black and the white LED comes on for a split second, but it then wakes up again. I've tried all sorts - making sure all my networking is turned off, disconnecting everything including the mouse and keyboard one at a time but no joy. The same happens even at the login window. I've tried resetting PRAM, so the only thing I haven't done is reset the PMU. However, there's not alot of info available on that online, so could someone tell me where the button is and how to do it without screwing everything up? Or if someone knows what the problem might be, suggestions are welcome. Everything else seems fine.

Thanks in advance.


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    grantgrant Posts: 11member
    In case anyone's interested, it was because I had the receive faxes option checked in the Print and Fax system prefs. Don't know if anyone else has ahd this problem...
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