Acrobat 6 and Gradients

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Does anyone else have problems getting gradients to print from Acrobat 6? I have a typical Illustrator file (it was created in Illustrator 8 a long time ago) with an Illustrator gradient and it prints fine from Quark, InDesign, or from Classic Applications. Since I have upgraded to Acrobat 6 it will not print any gradients (it won't print from Acrobat 5 either but it used to before the upgrade).

Acrobat gets rid of the gradient and replaces it with a solid color. I would suspect the print driver (I'm using an Epson R300) but it prints fine from other programs just not from Acrobat 6.


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    There is a setting in acrobat that has to do with the gradients. I believe it is in the preferences. Ask you how you want to hadle them. Either make it a solid, dithered etc...
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    From what I understand, Illustrator was used to create the PDF?

    FWIW, I have noticed up to Illustrator 10, if you do a Save As for PDF, you can lose gradients. This problem does not occur the same in Illustrator CS, but the gradient changes color.

    Solution: Save the Illustrator as an .EPS and use Distiller to create the PDF.
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    I went back and looked over Acrobat but I couldn't find any settings related to gradients and then I went over my Distiller settings and it was there "convert gradients to smooth shades". I don't remember this option being there before and so I didn't even think about it. After I unchecked this option my file was fine. I have been using Acrobat (and Distiller) for years and I have never had any problems with gradients until now. I can't image why you would want this as an option. Who would want to turn gradients to solid colors? Thanks for the suggestion.

    I don't like the new look that Acrobat and Distiller have compared to Version 5. Acrobat looks too much like a MicroSoft application. It looks like it is for kids or something. The only thing I like about it is the ability to view seperations. I am glad that Distiller has finally come to OS X but I wish they have made it less Fisher Price looking.


    Actually the file was built in Illustrator (version 8) but I did use Distiller (version 6) to make it into a PDF file. I never use PhotoShop or Illustrator to create PDF files directly from those applications. I always use Distiller, it seems to make a better PDF file. Thanks for the advice.
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