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Hi AI'ers

I have been trying to send a photo (from iPhoto) in an email to a friend for the past week and it just never seems to reach him. He sent me a photo from his end as a test today and it worked! (ie: I received both text and the image in the email)

After this, I tried to send the exact same "original" message to another friend as a test but the photo still did not turn up as part of the message.

Any ideas?

(all that ever got through to them was the text - but never the photo)

btw - running 10.2.6.



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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    Could be a flow in the OS. WHo knows. I never got mine working in that OS. I now have 10.3.3 and works perfect. You can choose the size of the picture or pictures to send. Also you can pic your fav mail application. I am using the default now "mail" but I did use entourage and that worked fine also.

    Hope this helps.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    test mail by dragging a jpg or gif into the mail compose window under your message text

    use an image from your desktop or one that you can confirm by viewing it in finder's preview or preview itself

    if you tried to do this from finder and mistakenly grabbed the iPhoto Library thumbnail rather than the actual image, this might account for some odd behaviour, but it's not clear from your description if you just used iPhoto's "Mail" button (which shouldn't have had such issues)

    Mail (the app) has a preference to show images inline or as attachment,

    so you should see visual confirmation of your image inside your compose window

    forwarding mail with images sometimes doesn't seem to reattach the image,

    but this happens less often than in 10.3.3 than 10.2.6, so maybe it's a recent fix

    ctrl-click or right-click on the image in your incoming mail and "Save Attachment" to desktop. then drag it back in to a new message for re-attaching (to make sure you're getting the image and it isn't lost in the embedded forwarding) as a means of confirmation that the problem isn't purely to do with the forwarding of images

    sorry if these instructions seem obtuse, but I'm not 100% clear which symptom you're describing
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,551member
    You should be able to look in your sent messages and find the message you sent your friend. Then you can see if the problem was in composing the message or in transmitting it and decoding it.

    I would copy the image to the desktop and try dragging it to the email. You can test sending that to yourself.
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    Are you using the Email button in iPhoto?

    If so, what size are you choosing to send?

    What (app) icon does the Email button look like?
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