ATI software and the Xclaim TV USB

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I just bought a used Xclaim USB TV edition for my Mac. Turns out that #1) The installation CDs aren't anywhere to be found

and #2 Someone has oh so nicely removed the sticker with the serial number.

Without the software, the card is pretty much useless. It's not available for download at And without the serial number, I can't talk to ATi tech support.

Does anyone know where I could pick up an installation CD, hopefully for cheap? Or, even better, are there any sort of drivers that people have developed to use the unit with Mac OS X?

Thanks for your time...


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    You just lost your money, my friend. \

    As I recall, there is zero Mac OS X support for video input from the XClaim. There is certainly no support for my PCI ATI XClaim card; I'm quite sure there is also no support for the USB version.
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    gizzmonicgizzmonic Posts: 511member
    Well, I can always take it back.

    And I hadn't planned on OS X support, although it would have been nice...

    The no software thing is a killer though. Nobody has an old software CD of this thing laying around they'd be willing to make me a deal on? Let me know...
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