Removing scratches off stuff

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I just received an apple pro mouse bought on ebay and it's scratched. The scratches are not too deep but they bother me very much as it looks like it's been dragged over sand on a table or something.

How do I remove this? Any tried and verified ways?

How about scratches on my iBook plastic?




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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    there are some car polishes that supposedly make scratches vanish. really, all they do is temporarily fill in the scratches with wax until it gets worn away, so i doubt that'd be a great solution.

    wow, my post was pretty much utterly unhelpful...
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    I think you can get polycarbonate polish (for polishing things like moto helmet faceshields) that'll do the job. Auto finish polish will also do the job, since they have a mild abrasive (by definitiion, as opposed to waxes).
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    does anyone know of a tried product?

    has anyone tried any one?
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    I use car polish to fix scratched CDs all the time, works like a charm.

    Not only that, but with car polish laying around people actually think you know stuff about cars, which i happen to know very little about.

    i'm not sure how well it would work on a mouse, but if you or a friend have some lying around, it's worth a shot.

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