Best IDE-SCSI Converter

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I did not see any reference to converters in this forum and was interested if anyone has used them and what experiences, good or bad, that they would share.

When I bought my CDRW drive last year I saw that it used an IDE-SCSI converter. I scrounged two EIDE Hardrives and bought converters for them too. However, the Western worked perfectly but the IBM occasionally would not mount. I switched converters and the problem stayed, so I know it was not the IODATA converter. I traded the IBM for another Western and no longer have the problem.

I am once again looking to get another Harddrive and since I cannot use Firewire with my older Mac systems and a 160G EIDE is a lot cheaper than SCSI I will be buying another converter.

That is unless someone knows of a Firewire-SCSI converter.


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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    Hmm. Acard makes the converters you're using, for sure. Check (i think that's it.)
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