Panther: "Soft mounts"?

in macOS edited January 2014
Back in 10.2 (and earlier), if I was using Airport, and I had a server share mounted, and I decided to switch from Airport to a LAN Ethernet connection, I would get a disconnect message (since I dropped my network connection for a second or 2 during the physical change), but now, in Panther, I can switch from, say, Airport to my LAN connection (and even take my time doing it) and the Mac appears to give me a "grace period" before warning me.

What is different about Panther?

Is this similar to how Windows drive mapping VS "plain old" mounting works?


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    I'd bet, only bet, that Apple has merely changed it so that the computer knows it's possible to switch between networks and still be able to access the same share.

    Thus, being recognized as the same share.

    I wouldn't think it would be anymore complicated than that.

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