Having trouble with internet sharing

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I recently moved, and changed ISPs. I was using Comcast cable, now i'm using SBC Yahoo DSL. I am now having no luck with internet sharing. I am connected to the DSL modem via my G4 tower (MDD dual 1.25, 2GB RAM, 4x120GB drives, plus Airport card of course) and I have interet sharing enabled in the Network preferences. The "network is being shared" icon is displayed in the menubar as well, but my Airport-card-equipped Powerbook just cannot see it. It used to work fine with the Comcast cable.

Is this because the DSL setup installs something that prevents the wireless network from functioning?

Any help much appreciated. By the way, both computers are running Panther, 10.3.2. The PB has 1GB RAM and an 80GB HD.



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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Let's go back a step. Can your tower get on the internet?

    Can your powerbook see the tower at all? In "servers" in the finder?
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    make sure you are sharing from ethernet to airport, exacly as stated. I remember doing it backwards for some minor wording in the control pane, then switching it around.

    remember, from ethernet to airport.

    (and you might have something speical to set up with the VPN dsl connection)

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    formerlurkerformerlurker Posts: 2,686member
    yep - what willy said. Also - Internet Sharing also doesn't seem to like having the firewall active when doing this.
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