CONFIRMED!!! I won't be buying any new hardware from MWSF

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Waitin for the next TiBook revision. And YES this is about future hardware

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    I'm waiting to see if there's a digital device, and if there is, I'll probably buy it, otherwise I'm buying an iPod.

    I have the money, just have to wait another week.
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    x704x704 Posts: 276member
    CONFIRMED: Fleebay, lookout because here my G4 comes. Hope'n for something good come the 7th.
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    I plan to buy a PowerBook to compliment my iBook soon as well, but that will be later...maybe...
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    My next Mac will be a G5 of some sort. No idea when I will be buying it though. I only know I won't shell out 2 or 3 grand for another G4 tower. I'll wait as long as it takes. I'd rather spend my money on an Epson 5500 printer or Nikon 4000 ED film scanner than buy another G4.

    Not that this one hasn't served me well. Being one of the original 500MHz customers, I bought this Mac at exactly the right time (for a change) and will get as much life out of it as anyone could hope for from a high end machine. Basically it was at or near the high end of the spectrum for 12 months or more if I remember right. Hell, it's still only 367 MHz slower than the fastest processor Apple has (though that's likely to change shortly). Seems like I've had it forever, but it's not even two years old yet.

    The first 500MHz G4's were announced at MWSF 2000, after everyone expected a big jump beyond 450MHz. When all we got was a 50MHz jump I had a feeling it was time to jump into the game, and I lucked out. Tihs machine has served me quite well for the last two years and still does. Office X is even as snappy as 2001 for me, so I've seen nothing yet that indicates I need a faster machine.

    The only way I would have that need is if a lot more photography work came my way and Photoshop 7 was really slow at the same time. Don't think either condition will present itself in 2002...but stranger things have happened. Anyway, I wouldn't buy another G4 unless it came with a new mobo, faster firewire and with a processor that was at least 1GHz, but for under $2000. In other words I'll be waiting for a G5 most likely.

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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    CONFIRMED!!! Why would anyone care about G4 Dude's upcoming purchase, one that is in Future Hardware??? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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