Problems with G5 and Firewire camera

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Thank you in advance for your help guys and gals. I have a dual 2.0 G5, when I first got it I put Panther 10.3 on it. I have an OWC firewire 800 250 drive; I also have a GL-2 DV camera. After upgrading to 1.3.2 it stopped working. When I plug the camera in and launch an app that might look to it Ichat or FCP it freezes the computer. I get the Spinning beach ball all the way until I unplug the camera then poof it works fine again. It also does this with 10.3.3 any suggestions about what to try? I have updated my 800 drive along time ago.

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    Pretty interesting. In one of my classes at school, the video camera firewire connection does the same thing, except with a PC. They plug it in, then everything freezes. They take it out, then everything is normal.

    They think it has something to do with a faulty connection in the camera, because the other camera of the same kind doesn't do it.
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    Thank you for a quick reply the only reason I hesitate to say it is the camera is I have reverted my os to 10.3 and it works fine it breaks after 10.3.1.

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