help with hidden files

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help.

Just got a disc burnt at work of lots of medical image files in the DICOM format. Its burnt as an autorun pc disc. When the disc mounts on the desktop, all the folders are visible, but I cant see any files.

When I look with the terminal (i know the basics eg cd, ls) I can see the .DCM files but cant with the finder. I cant seem to copy them or access them.

Does anyone have any help with the terminal that I can try? I really need these files and i dont have a pc


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    You can use TinkerTool to toggle on "Show hidden and system files" in the Finder.
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    drxcmdrxcm Posts: 50member
    hmm tried that but still didnt see the files

    i wonder if its the way the cd is burnt - is a volume hidden to the mac os? its burnt as universal disk format.

    any more ideas? help!
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