Powerbook, Ibook, and ebook?

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This kinda makes sense. Apple has evey desktop transformed into a notebook except the emac. Powermac is powerbook. Imac is ibook. So you would think there would be an ebook. The ebook will be the cheap notebook to compeat with the dells, Hp, and Ibm. And also be used for education. This would be neat. But, this probably won't happen.


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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member
    I could see this happening if the iBook wasn't *so* popular already in education. there is little incentive. the iBook is still a tremendous deal given all that you get(hardware and software)

    That said, If this were to happen, maybe it'd be a 10" subnotebook type deal?

    But still, I doubt it will happen, no real reason. the eMac was created because LCDs (iMacs) are more expensive, and not very economical for education. the iMac moved up in the food chain, became more of apple's general use desktop, while the eMac filled in the lower spectrum. But, since the iBook already offers a lot of variety, and great value, there is no need for an eBook really. Nor does there really have to be anytime in the future, the current iBooks are very good, and it wouldn't be too hard for apple to keep an 800mhz model sub $900 around for bargain purposes.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    It's been discussed before... long ago, when the eMac was new.



    I doubt it. Where would it fit in? I guess they could sell the old iBook G3s for $799 or something to educational customers... wait, I think they already do. And Apple still has tons of reburb and new, leftover iBook G3s lying around for people to buy for very cheap. I don't see why it would need to be renamed eBook.
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