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Is there any application for MacOS X that can dump out a MS Access file into a script that can be imported by MySQL ? I really need to be able to do this for a project at uni. The database is pretty large, arround 90 MB and the table I need to extract has about 1.2 million rows in it.

I have tried through VirtualPC with an application called AccessDump, but the 1.2 million table is too large, and the application crashed after about 700.000 rows.

Any help will be greatly appreciated on how to convert this database into MySQL!!



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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    Wow, you're at uni and you havent even worked out how to use google yet.

    I got a heap of good hits, why dont you check it out???
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    boemaneboemane Posts: 311member

    Originally posted by mmmpie

    Wow, you're at uni and you havent even worked out how to use google yet.

    I got a heap of good hits, why dont you check it out???

    Gee that's helpful... I did do a coupple of Google searches. I searched versiontracker for access applications.

    I know there are heaps of applications avaliable for windows. Problem is that most of them wont handle large(ish) databases, and the once that looks like they will have a pricetag almost as high as Access itself.

    I thought there might be an application for MacOS X. Google doesn't give me any hints...

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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Get the mysql ODBC driver for windows and use one of the uni's windows PC's to dump the data to MySQL then just copy the mysql data over to your mac.

    Total cost = £0 (+ some of your precious time)
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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    Well, lets see, from the third hit on 'access mysql' I get which is a free set of access tools for linux. You might be able to compile them for os x.

    But lets see, the easy way is to use access. Export the table to csv format text file. Then import it into mysql using any one of the mysql front end tools. Or write a perl script to do the import. Or an asp page.

    You might get a lot of mileage out of coldfusion, very easy to learn, and easy to do quicky db things like this. Guess what, it comes with access odbc drivers, and the dev version is free, and runs on os x.

    All of this info is easily available from the pages and pages of google hits on discussion on how to import access into mysql. You seriously need to read a bit deeper, you'll get your answers much faster than asking here, and you'll learn a lot more and about different ways of solving the problem.
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