Chernobyl pics



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    Originally posted by Scott

    Sounds like it just needs to be dug up. What's the half life of the stuff there?

    Good question... I don't know... The great thing about a nuclear meltdown is that it accelerates the decay of long lived radioactive atoms; the bad thing about a nuclear meltdown is that that radiation has to go somewhere...
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    At that time i used to live near Russian border (in Poland)

    When that accident happened, no one knew what was going on, Russians did not confirmed anything for couple of days, yet people knew that something terrible has happened.

    I remember we were told not to eat any fruits off the trees, and especially not to pick up and eat mushrooms.

    Also we were given iodine (if i remember correctly).

    Scary times, imagine you know there was radiation leak, not too far from you, yet you can't do much other than just pack your stuff and leave, and actually by the time we knew what had happened it was too late.

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    Truly Frightening
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    Originally posted by Matsu

    Wow, someone needs to get this chick an IR setup.

    SDW, careful, you'll end up with a glow-in-dark penis.

    Well, I'm just'd be worth a look.
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    billybobskybillybobsky Posts: 1,914member
    yeah, she was hot in that post-soviet crazy radioactive way...
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    Originally posted by Scott

    It's going to explode? I doubt that.

    My bad, I meant to say meltdown not explosion.
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    Originally posted by SilentEchoes

    Correction, going through.


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    Amazing site. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I think this sums it up best:


    it is last day of Pompei sort of place

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