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The world is a more dangerous place because of the US-led war in Iraq, which may have toppled Saddam Hussein but also unleashed postwar violence and an upswing in terrorism, the French foreign minister said.

?This is a belief that I have never stopped expressing,? Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin told Le Monde newspaper in an interview in its Friday edition.

?We have to look reality in the face: We have entered into a more dangerous and unstable world, which requires the mobilization of the entire international community,? de Villepin said.

Assertions by the administration of US President George W. Bush that ousting Saddam would make the world a safer place proved not to be true, de Villepin said.

?Terrorism didn?t exist in Iraq before,? de Villepin said. ?Today, it is one of the world?s principal sources of world terrorism.?

How does one even parse such a comment? What does he actually mean?


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    spcmsspcms Posts: 407member
    What exactly didn't you understand? It's not like it is in french or anything.
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    artman @_@artman @_@ Posts: 2,546member
    This french guy's absolutely right. Can't find the ****ing article on CNN (which pisses me off...can never find anything reported after one day on that site...).

    Tenet released a report yesterday stating that OBL is not the major player anymore. His philosophy is but the ways and means of recruiting and training have changed. And the 2nd in command Zakarwi is the one running the show. The terroists all over the world are networking, getting the best in their field together for specific attacks and recruiting new followers in other ways. Training them in other locations, too.

    This war on terror hasn't even started. Give everyone a decade and then we'll see who's still standing.

    Dammit. I wish I had the links and details...I know how anal people are here about that.

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    demanondemanon Posts: 54member

    Originally posted by Artman @_@

    This french guy's absolutely right.

    Artman, you would then be in agreement with Mr. Villepin assertion that that which is masked does not smell. Unfortunately, I can assure you that even as the world's leading purveyor of perfume, French people still smell. And de Villepin's assertion that terrorists did not exist in Iraq before America's invasion is the greatest of all perfume jobs.

    You see, some in this world do not belive in that which they do not see. Some believe a crime happens when the criminal commits it, and that until then, the streets and parks are full of nice people doing nice things. I say wake up and smell the coffee before you don your perfume. The odor has been fogging your head for far too long. Stalkers wander the streets, pedophiles hang near schools, criminals scope out banks - all waiting to strike. And on the world stage, terrorists plot and plan your destruction.

    So, shall we simply acknowledge terrorists only when they strike? What de Villepin fails to understand is that the War on Terror is not creating terrorists, but instead calling them out and exposing them to the world. Rather than wait for them to attack us, and then retaliate like law enforecment, we are bringing war to them - it is the fight WE can win.

    Isn't Iraq actually one of the premier targets of terrorism, rather than the source? We don't hear too much these days about Iraqi born terrorists. Is Mr. Villepin trying to suggest that the battles in Iraq are not hurting the terrorists? If Iraq is a killing zone for terrorists isn't it better than fighting them on US soil? Terrorism didn't exist in Iraq? Iraq was funding terrorists, aiding terrorists, abetting terrorists, etc. Terrorists weren't blowing up things in Iraq before, but why's that? Because before it was an ally, and now terrorists see it as a threat.

    There is one thing forgotten - or perhaps misunderstood - in this whole absurd argument about whether the world is safer now or not. The world is not a safe place. No, as much as Dominique wishes you to believe and say it is or was, the truth is, this world is never altogether safe. Diplomacy tries to mask true feelings as much as Baccarose tries to mask a woman's sweat. The time for diplomacy with al Qaeda came to an end after 9/11. Bush in his simple way demands everyone state their true feelings and that everyone deal with it. In this way, the terrorists are coming out from the shadows. So yes, if you measure terrorism by activity, then perhaps the world is an unsafe place. (Although even that is debatable). But if you understand that the world has and always will smell rank and bad in certain places, you understand that perfume is not the solution. You must change your lifestyle and live healthy - the recipe of Democracy. This will do far more wonders than any French perfume job.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    What does he use to support his claim? Would the world be safer had France finished it's oil deal with Saddam and funded his efforts?
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    Scott, please don't deny the Frenchie's contribution, potential contribution, to world peace!!! Don't you realize, Red China is getting $400 millions of French military equipment to intimidate Taiwan. If the Chinese warships are as good as the French Charles DeGaulle, their fighter jets are as good as Saddam's French fighters, their space technology as good as the Euro Beagles, can you even doubt who is going to win the next conflict? Ten years into adopting French military technology, could Red China still threaten world peace? C'mon!
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