OS X Problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

My friend and I were trying to upgrade his Dual 876 G4 from 10.2.8, to the 10.3.3 that came with my powerbook. After installing it the powermac booted into the home screen, but because the defualt resolution is too high for his monitory, the screen is fuzzy and highly distorted. I'm not sure how to fix this. When we restarted the powermac, a continuous beeping is occuring, and without the OS X disk, we get to a screen with a flashing OS X folder and "?". I don't know what to do...

AIM: Sh0eWax, if you can assist me quicker there.

UPDATE: I have everything working, except for one minor issue. Whenever the powermac is restarted, it beeps. It beeps like something wants to switch or turn on, but cannot and it continously keeps trying... I don't know what to do, any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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