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Let it be known that in future if condescending and derogatory generalizations are made about Texas, Truck driving Texans, French, or any nationality or state...

What Fellowship said. Defy him or the other moderators and I will personally ban you first for three days, then a week, then permanently. No questions asked. No bargains or compromises. Period. The moderators here have earned the respect and trust of myself and the other leaders here. You should treat them and all forum participants with the utmost respect an courtesy.

Consider this a final warning to all participants here.

If you can't control yourself, I will be more than happy to show you the door.

- Brad


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    And a reminder to those of you who seem to forget the posting guidelines:


    4. Excessive ad-hominem attacks of forum members will not be tolerated. We understand that things get heated, but it helps to maintain a modicum of respect for the membership. Attack ideas, not people. Be open-minded and try to help foster meaningful discussion (yes, meaningful discussion is possible if everyone respects each other).

    I will not be lenient. Mercy is not my strongest suit when it comes to matters like this.

    - Brad
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