A few OS:X issues...

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1. Teflon Servers: I notice that sometimes when I try to copy a file to one of our servers it just "bounces" off without copying. Sometimes if you close off the window and reopen the folder on the server you wanted to copy the file to it will work again but it is very annoying.

2. UI pig: Are there any good 3rd party utils that would allow me to turn off all the UI resource-eating transitions, transparency, shadows, sliding menus, etc, etc...?

3. OS:X 10.2.8 keyboard shortcut remaping: Essentially, I would like to remap all the shortcuts back to OS:9's. Mostly for convenience and the conflict with some classic apps shortcuts - Quark 4's step and repeat for example.

4. Assigning keyboard shortcuts to Applescripts in 10.2.8: Any way to do this? There was a great little prog. in 9 which allowed you to do this, but no way I can see in 10...

5. Default Folder: Since this is a popular little app, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get full functionality of it in Classic mode. Very handy at work where I like to click on open server windows for saving files without having to drill through a dozen folders to get to where I want to put it. It works fine in 9 and in 10, but we use Quark in Classic a lot and that would be immensely helpful to get that functionality back.

6. Server Refreshing: I've really noticed in 10 that servers are very slow to refresh any changes. Many times highlighting the window on and off does nothing and you just have to wait patiently for it to refresh on it's own. In a production environment, this is grating in the extreme. OS9 is an order of magnitude quicker in seeing changes on a server, what's up with X, and is there anything that can be done about it?


7. List View: Is there any way to get 10.2.8 to default all windows to List View?

Thanks in advance...



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    1. Check the permissions.

    2. I think ShadowKiller and/or Dock Detox can do some of this. (Apps by Unsanity)

    3. Keyboard Maestro

    4. Keyboard Maestro

    5. ???????????

    6. ???????????

    7. ???????????

    Hope this helps. Sorry for #5-7.

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