The new 800 Ti PowerBook, Free Airport

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I finally broke down and ordered my Ti 800 through MacZone; currently they are offering a free airport OR some other goodies for purchasing the 800MHz PB. They gave me a $200 rebate for purchasing the PB 800+Airport and Apple gives a $99 rebate making it free.

I really wanted to buy the unit from the local Apple Store but then I would have had to pay sales tax ($280) and the airport would have cost me $200 more.

I found out when I ordered the PB that it would take at least a week before they had them in stock, that's the only bummer. I can't wait.

I bought a brushed chrome Vanguard PowerBook case, they are supposed to be new -- has anyone seen/used one?



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    Cool to hear.

    I have both the 800mhz TiBook and the new Airport v.2 Base Station. I'm very happy with both.

    However, I've noticed some odd problems using airport that I have yet to figure out.

    1. Most attempts to use Software update complain that it can't connect to the internet when I can get on using any web browser, email, etc.

    2. Unable to upload via FTP. I have played around with port settings, etc. but still nothing.

    3. Unable to do trace routes. This is a problem that Apple has admitted to but have yet to provide a resolution.

    At any rate, the Tibook has worked flawlessly and the new optical drive is far better than the previous one.
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