...bl/w G3 wont switch. PLEASE HELP!

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...hi there!

i was told i should post this here for some help.

my bl/w G3 wont switch on!.

ive tried the plug fuse, battery,

power cord(from another G4) and nothing works!

there are no lights and no fan comes on.

is there another fuse thats blown else where?...

i cant believe this could be the end of my mac!.

ive never heard of this happening before

any help would be more than nice...



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    Did anything happen leading up to this at all? Like a power outage, or install RAM or anything? Did you ever have any problems before this or did it just up and one day not turn on?
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Boo-yar, did you ever end up replacing the battery in your B&W G3? I checked your post history and it looks like you had a problem with your G3 resetting the date back to 1956 a couple weeks ago. Did you ever get a replacement battery? If not, do that first.
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    That would not stop it from booting up all together though. You can take the battery out and start the computer and it will still run..
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    ...thanks 4 the replies dudes, sorry i didnt reply back sooner. im runnin around like crazy tryin to fix this G3!

    yeah that was me with the 1956 date thing but i switched the battery and still nothin!. no light nothin!!!...

    the only problem its had was the wrong date, other than that its been a soldier since i bought it in 1999. infact i was one of the first proud owners to get it from CW in London.

    ive switched power cables and fuses...

    hold on a sec...

    i just switched it on and it came on!!!!!!!...

    what in the blue blazes????...



    ...now it wont start again!...

    what in the ^%%£$!!!!!...IS GOIN ON!
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    So you said you switched power cords? I have had experiences with bad power cables that are loose and sometimes only work if you press them in firmly. Jiggling them will usually make the power go out. But the chances of both the power cords you tried having that problem are very small. Have you tried removing and reseating the processor, or disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply? If it won't start up at all, then I would suspect either the CPU, the motherboard, or the power supply. If it's bad RAM or a bad hard drive, it will still at least begin to start up, it just won't finish. Unfortunately, you probably don't just have an extra processor, motherboard, or power supply lying around that you could try, otherwise I'd say narrow it down to one of the three.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    ...and now it works!!!!???... \

    ...i think...no, no i know im now gonna take all my work off this baby before i take a hammer to IT!


    i got a meetin 2moro and my printers hooked up to it!..

    tell the truth i cant be arsed to place the printer and hunt for drivers for OSX for the G4...sigh...


    again i thank you guys for helpin me out. this place is the spot for Mac help. thanks again
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    ...to Luca

    yeah dude, i tried the jiggling thing and it didnt work. then i just pressed the button...and boom it came on!. no message other than the normal boot stuff that you would expect!.

    i was actually about to buy a Sonnet ZifG4 1GHZ botherboard this week.

    but i gota a feelni that is not the problem here.

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Why do you need the G3 around to print? You say you don't want to bother finding OS X drivers for your G4, but you know, your G4 can boot into OS 9. Besides, there are probably drivers for your printer readily available from the manufacturer's website (unless it's a REALLY old one, which I doubt since it's connected to your G3).

    Oh, and do NOT get the 1 GHz G4 upgrade for it. Those upgrades downclock the bus speed from 100 MHz to 66 MHz, and they are very expensive. The best deal for an upgrade for that computer is the G3/900 upgrade. I've also heard that a faster 1 GHz G3 upgrade is coming out soon.
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    ...sorry to be a pain Luca but ive done a search on that G3/900 and i keep gettin Powerbooks and no desktop.

    i found Powerlogix's Zif and i see what you mean about the bus speed.

    thanks again

    i'll keep searchin for this G3/900.
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