iPod won't sync from shared library - HELP!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Dear Genius Gods.

I recently purchased a new 40GB iPod for my wife. I already have a 30GB for myself. My music library files are in the SHARED users folder with permissions set to Unknown, and both my wife and I are able to access the full library from our respective user accounts without issue. (17" iMac, BTW)

When she places her 40GB iPod into the dock, it mounts, iTunes launches, and it says it's syncing, but it will freeze up or spend hours only to get 5-50 songs across. I suspected that the iPod was at fault, so I took it to work and tried to sync it with my PowerMac G5. It worked flawlessly and updated the entire library in a few minutes.

So, the problem is with my iMac or the iTunes library. It seems to work OK with my 30GB iPod, but it's hard to tell since I already have the entire library on there (so I wouldn't notice it being painfully slow just to add 1 or 2 songs that I might have purchased).

Any ideas? Her iPod will sync with iSync (Calendar etc.) without issue, so I don't suspect a hardware problem (firewire ports etc.)...THANkS!
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