Can You Partition an iPod?

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Hey, can you partition an iPod? So that I could half formatted an a pc, and half for a Mac?


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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    yes, since its just a hard drive. but it won't work how you might be thinking. i'm not sure which partition the pod would choose, probably the first logical partition, but it would almostly certainly get its song list from there consistently when playing. i've partitioned my pod. well temporarily. i strongly recommend that you do NOT partition your ipod. first, there is a small (~32M on my pod, i hear its differnet in later ones) "firmware" partition. my ipod didn't like when i manually created this in the partition program and manually forced the firmware back in. it, for whatever reason, prefers that partition to be of type "Apple_MDFW" or something like that. theres almost no practical reason to partition your ipod.

    what you can do is nix it from a windows computer, set it up as a fat32 ipod, and then it should be useable on either mac or pc. that's probably what you are looking for. i haven't tried that setup myself, but i hear it works. hopefully someone who's tried it can chime in and give a yea or nea before you go through the dastardly deed of emptying ur current ipod.
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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    ive been taking my ipod from mac to pc and back for 3 weeks and have not experienced any issues. oh, not using any special software either. ive copied my ipod contents onto my buddies computer and there was no problem. whats the worst that could happen anyways? i might have to reformat it? since it takes about 5-10 minutes to put all the songs on it thats not really that big an issue. anyone else switch from pc to mac and back on a regular basis and not experience any problems?
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I formated my iPod or PC just for the heck of it once and it worked on both Mac and PC. I think anyways. I didn't run extensive tests but it seemed to work. It is back to Mac format now.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    Yeah, I know that it works on both Mac and PC if you format it firstly as a pc iPod. My mates goes between macs and pcs daily and it works fine. Mine is formatted for the Mac, and so doesn't work on the pc.

    The reason I was wondering if you could have half and half is because if your iPod is formatted for pc, the transfer rate is way way way slower.

    I transferred a gig of footage from a mac to my mac formatted ipod and it took under 5 mins. I then transferred the same gig of footage from my mac t my mates pc formatted ipod and it took 35mins.

    In my job I will be transferring 4 gigs daily from a pc, onto my ipod, and then onto my Mac. I was looking for a way to keep the transfer rate up high.
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    joeyjoey Posts: 236member
    Did you use the Firewire connection or USB on your friends computer? Sounds like it might be USB 1.1 (and not 2.0)... I don't see any reason for that type of speed difference with Firewire from a Mac to a PC or using USB 2.0.
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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    im with joey. did u use usb on your friends, cuz i transfered stuff just as quick to my friends pc using firewire. no crazy slowdowns at all.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    no it was all done using my firewire cable.

    I had heard before though that it would be a lot faster when trasferring from Mac to Mac, and slower going from Mac to pc.
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