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Whenever I go to burn an iDVD it makes it through every stage until "multiplexing and burning" which continues infinitely (I let it go for 20 hours once and still it just kept spinning). I use only Apple Brand DVDr and I am using the Superdrive. I also downloaded the 4.01 update to no avail.

What on earth should I do?


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    well if you have a lot of video and didnt give idvd time to render the files first, its pauses at that stage to finish the rendering. yes, this could take 20 hours depending on a lto of things. go to 'info' or whatever and find the place where it shows the status and there should be blue bars by your video, unless its done, in which case it has already rendered. make sure you save the project as your computer renders these files so you dont have to keep re-doing them.
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    fulmerfulmer Posts: 171member
    I've got the same problem....

    I've got a 45min iMovie that I exported to iDVD. I added a Theme (drive in movie) and added some chapters. When I press the Burn button, stage 1-3 work fine, it hangs on stage 4 for about 24hrs. VERY annoying. I have to kill the app then reboot to get the system to recognize the drive again
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
    I used to have the same issue, just wait for it to render before burning.
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    fulmerfulmer Posts: 171member
    I finally figured out what the problem was on my system...

    In the system preferences, under the energy saver, there is a check box to let the HD spin down (I've got 2 internal drives on my G5). If you uncheck it (never let the drives spin down) then everything works great!!
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    proxyproxy Posts: 232member
    I didn't know wether to start a new topic or drag this back to the top, so dragged this one back from the dead.

    iDVD4 sucks (in my experience).

    I've used iDVD2&3 with zero problems but iDVD4 just sucks. Switch background encoding on and it becomes impossibly slow (I'm using a FP iMac 800mhz). My last three attemps at burning a DVD with fifty minutes of footage (using the quicker compression setting) failed and I left it nearly twenty hours once; this is always on the multiplexing and burning stage. This multiplexing problem was non existent in iDVD3, and iDVD3 would often mulitplex 45 minutes of film in less than an hour. iDVD4 takes either forever or makes dud discs (discs are ok as I've used them on other projects.

    I checked Activity monitor while it is Multiplexing and iDVD is using all the CPU it can 70%+ but reading and writing only a few hundred kilobytes intermitently! I had quit all other apps.

    Macworld (UK edition) in their latest issue say the problem lies with stuff edited in iMovie3 that has audio at 44.1khz instead off at 44.8khz. I don't think this is true as some of my films made completely in iMovie4 have audio at 44.1khz.

    I've checked the Apple support discussion site and there's a couple of threads there complaining about this problem as well, and several on AI (search iDVD multiplexing).

    So.. thoughts.. suggestions. Anyone getting on fine with iDVD4? I'm trying to get hold of version 3 so I can do some work again.
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