Help with Macs on Novell server please?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I work in a school in a PC only authority. We have managed to get Macs into my Dept. through digital video and our district's IT people have agreed we can have a Mac network as long as we don't try to connect to the main PC network and internet as it could "cause problems" - this was a joke as during the set up the technician accidently connected to the school network and I had to point it out to him!

Anyway, the same techie has been helpful and has asked me to post here to see if I can get him an answer. I hope I've taken this down properly as I know zilch about networks. All macs are using 10.3.3. Our Mac network uses Novell Netware 6 server, the shared volume is running AFP and he has mapped the network drive using Keychains. However, he can't find a way to get this straight from login. Any thoughts ? I'd like him to be able to report back that setting up our network was a cinch.
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