Good MP3 player for PocketPC?

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No, this is not a joke. And no, I'm not interested in that crappy iPod knockoff software-I refuse to support that garbage with money.

They gave me a PocketPC at work Toshiba e750 PocketPC 2002-it sat in my desk for a number of months, until my Treo 90 bit it (for the 3rd time, btw...what a POS).

So I pulled out the PocketPC, and switched from Palm Desktop to iSync, Address Book, and iCal. (The missing sync lets you sync between that stuff and Pocket PC)

The PocketPC has a 400mhz ARM CPU, built in voice recorder, headphone jack, SD slot etc. Windows Media Player is included , so I can play MP3s. I bought a 512MB SD card for that purpose.

WMP is not up to snuff for a number of reasons, and I haven't been able to really look around at PocketPC MP3 players. Does anyone use a PocketPC regularly? What do you use as an MP3 player on it?


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I don't know off hand, but I'd check the discussion boards that They would have an answer for you for sure.

    Here's a good one.
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    i know this isnt what youre after, but i say get an ipod in addition to the palm
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    Thanks Torifile! WithMP3, while Engrish-heavy, looks like a great choice.

    And ipodandimac, or whatever your name is, thanks for not restraining yourself and going with the smug, obvious answer. You represent the Mac community so well!
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