Curious, anyone buying Commmand & Conquer?

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well this is strange


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    meecesmeeces Posts: 160member
    Okay, so that was weird. i tried to post this topic. I'm curious if anyone is planning on buying the new command and conquer game. I just read the preview on inside mac games. It looks awesome, especially the preview videos, even if that is there job to hook you. Anyway, I was also saying how I can't believe my 17" pb is nearly out of date if you look at the hardare requirements. And the guy previewing said the game was languid on his 1.25 pb., even if it was a beta version. Just expressing opionin asking about the software. Then i hit send and only the topic sent without my actual post. yes, weird. So hopefully this time it works.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    well this is strange

    edit: thats one weird double post

    i love the old C&C games, hopefully the new one is just as good
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    rampancyrampancy Posts: 363member
    Make sure you check out IMG's preview of C&C Generals.

    I'm really considering picking up this title, if only because I miss a lot of the campy, cheesy acting and cool futuristic weaponry that made C&C so distinctive. The only game that came close to being a substitute to C&C after my friend broke my Nod mission disk was Total Annihilation, but it just didn't have the same sense of humour and fun that C&C had.

    On the other hand, there's the blatant racist undertones in the game, which somewhat unsettle me...and there's the insane system requirements.
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