iTunes Problems

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I am having trouble with iTunes locking up part way through songs and then coming back and playing for a second before it locks up pretty much locks up the whole machine and I have to quit it and sometimes force quit it....but even that takes time...I've watched it on the activity monitor, but nothing seems to be happening

I'm running a 1ghz TiBook with a gig of memory...I have 15.66 gigs of music on my iTunes

its just really getting annoying during parties and when I try to go to sleep...can anybody help me with this?


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Do you have any networked drives? My Pismo locks up when it can't find a networked drive. Perhaps a song or internet stream is trying to access the internet and locking up your system.
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    nope...its all on my drive...all organized by does it in the middle of songs...and it doesn't totally lock up....its still trying to play just doesn't
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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member
    Is it for a particular song, or is it totally random?

    Does iTunes have a .plist? Typically when I break something I trash that first!
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    its random...sometimes it will play a few songs before it does it
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    so I had the genioused idea to delete my iTunes and reinstall I downloaded it and when I install it it says that it requires 0 bytes

    I go to the next screen and it won't let me do the iTunes or iPod installs...I'm about to Office Space on my powerbook
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