Mucking around with Folder Actions scripts

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I created a folder called Make PNG and attached the "Duplicate as PNG" Folder Action script to it. It wasn't doing anything with PDFs (screen captures) I dropped on it, but I eventually figured out why and edited the script so it would understand PDF files too. Here's the problem:

PDF screen capture (just a region of the screen, not the whole screen) is 44K. PNG generated automatically by the script is 100K. If I instead use Preview to export the PDF to PNG (best depth, non-interlaced) the size is 56K. There's no visible difference between the different PNG files, but I want the script to give me the smaller file size since I'm converting things to PNG in order to optimize them for the web. How can I edit the script to do that? I'm a relative newbie when it comes to scripting, though it wasn't hard to figure out where I needed to add ".PDF" in the script so it would recognize PDFs.

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