Slotin drive got broken, probably ...

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since a couple of days my crt slotin imac behaves truly strange, kind of unpredictable. I tryed to trace back and the only possible reason for its behavior is a broken or nearly damaged cd-drive (slotin). In most cases everything seems to be just fine. But than -bang- the gui doesn't response anymore, freeeeeze, neither alerts, nor popups, just big nothing. In that state i have to reboot. I'm pretty much sure it is the cd-drive, because, when i feed the slot with a cd just nothing happens, the drive simply doesn't answer the action. And i remember from somewhere - well, memory is quite blurred - that a broken cd-drive can result in some very weird system behaviors.

Below there is a quote directly grabbed from console:

Mar 31 15:25:36 Uwe-Knotts-Computer kernel: IOAudioControl[0xeca600]::hardwareValueChanged(0xe38160) - Error 0xe00002f0 - invalid value.

well, any hints

er ... and no, i don't have a hardware test cd in the drawer

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