32x LaCie CD-RW & OS X question...

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A buddy of mine recently purchased a LaCie U&I (FireWire and USB) 32x CD-RW drive.

On the box (as well as Apple's site), this particular model is shown to be OS X compatible.

Sure enough, the drive works wonderfully, right out of the box. However, it only seems to burn CDs at 8x.

The only Mac software the drive came with was a copy of Toast Lite. And even it was for OS 8.6-9.x.

She's running OS X full-time (Microsoft Office v.X, iTunes, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader kind of user...all OS X native programs).

I checked LaCie's website for drivers and there appear to be none that are OS X-specific or seem to address this issue. Nothing at Apple's site.

I'm pretty sure she's at OS X 10.1.4. Anyone know what this could be...why she can't seem to burn CDs at the advertised speed of 32x?

In the iTunes preferences, she has the burn speed pull-down menu set to "maximum".

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    Has she downloaded the OS X update for Toast and tried that?

    I also have a problem with iTunes in OS X and burner... with my 24x burner it only burns at 12x.
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