Airport Extreme in Powerbook vs iBook

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I'm still trying to make up my mind which laptop to buy. I can buy a maxed out iBook G4 for 1800 with Airport Extreme. The Powerbook with Airport Extreme is about 2100 or so. So, which one has better reception? This might make up my mind for me.


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    If reception is important to you... you could always use an external antenna. That little round plug on the airport card is to the antenna. Ive seen some websites that sell parts and ebay had a bunch of custom antennas last time I looked. My ibook has good reception, why is reception important to you ?
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    Well, we are going to get Verizon DSL in a while when it comes to town, and they are setting us up with a wireless system. And I really hate cables, yes indeedy.
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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    Well if its just for your house go with either ! whichever one you want. Unless your house is really big I dont think you'll have to much trouble connecting. An ibook is a great little computer but if I had the cash I would wait for the next rev powerbook, 12 or 15 inch... I cant decide, and it better have an "xbrite" screen too !
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    xbrite? Me no familiar with... what is that?
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    Originally posted by His Dudeness

    xbrite? Me no familiar with... what is that?

    Something very nice!
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    Hmmm, very nice. I'd rather see it on a Powerbook instead of an overpriced Phoney, I mean SONY... I haven't yet met a Phony, dammit SONY, product that I liked.
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    joeyjoey Posts: 236member
    Actually... Unless you plan on having a server, or transferring data between multiple computers, a weak wireless signal shouldn't be a problem. Even a weak wireless signal will likely be able to send data a bit faster than your DSL speed (the way wireless works is you don't really have a signal/no signal situation. You'll get the full transfer speed with the strongest signal... then it the speed will gradually decrease as the signal worsens... until eventually you don't have any signal). Most typical Verizon DSL service is 1.5MB/sec download (that's provided you have an optimal connection without overhead). 802.11G (your airport's wireless) will get 54MB/sec with an excellent signal and drop from there. You'd have to have close to no signal at all for your wireless connection to be slower than your DSL. If you're in an average to large size house, you should be fine with an iBook or PowerBook. As always... the wireless access point should be centrally located to ensure even coverage.
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