Preventing public from seeing ISP info with airport

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Does anyone know if it is possible to prevent the public from seeing any of your info, as in ISP, IP, computer info etc... I have an airport extreme base station and I am running panther.



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    Tin foil.
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    This is out of your control. You cannot prevent this information from being sent. It's not being sent by your computer, necessarily, but by your ISP. You can't get any information back from a server if it doesn't have the return address. It's like sending a letter throug the mail in a blank envelope. How is anyone going to have any idea where to deliver it?

    The only way to "hide" your current location is by surfing through a proxy -- an intermediary server somewhere else on the Internet. You send a requent to it and it sends the request to the web site, forwarding the response back to you. That way it looks like it's someone at the proxy's location.

    Besides, you shouldn't have anything that important to hide that is being given away. At best, someone will know your IP address, ISP, operating system, internet browser, and general physical location of your ISP (city, state, country). Everyone on the internet is giving out all of this information with every single request to anything.
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