CD Duplication Software for OS X

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Has anyone here used products like Carbon Copy Cloner to make duplicate disk images of their commercial CDs?

For example, if someone were to own a particular game, and was tired of having to leave it in the CD tray, because certain other applications cause it to constantly spin up for no reason... would Carbon Copy Cloner be a good way to duplicate that CD, bit for bit?

For the Windows world there are products like Alcohol 120% to do this, but I have seen no such animal (at least by description) for OS X. That said, given the UNIX underpinnings and ultimate power in the universe that is OS X, I am sure it's possible.

I am also pretty sure things like Disk Utility do not copy things like gaming CDs bit-for-bit, even when "CD Master" is chosen as the image type, because they have some kind of goofy protection scheme that causes errors to be written onto the disk image... thus nullifying the ability to create a bit-for-bit duplicate.

Any experience in this area?


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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    Disk Utility will work for most games I'd say...I've never seen it *NOT* work. I normally use toast though. If what you want to do is make a disc image and mount it, it will probably not work. Most games require a physical disc, and perhaps Brad or someone will be able to describe how the computer could know the difference, but it does.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Well, not that I can say for sure -- because how would I know -- but I believe that with past popular games (like UT the first), there were ways to avoid the CD noid without even making a disk image.

    In the case of more modern games, a lot of companies figure out ways to know whether the disk that's mounted is the original CD or not. I think the trick is, to make a perfect disk image, and then find a way (via ini files or something) to make the game look for it and not the CD.

    But beyond all that of course, I'd just like to know what the Alcohol 120% equivalents are for OS X. PM me if you have to, clearly some people are lurking about looking at this thread.
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