Entourage vs. iCal/address book

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I am a recent convert bac to mac after a 10 yr hiatus.

Anyways, is there any benefit to using Entouage vs. the ical/addy book that came loaded on my powerbook?


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    No. At least, I used Entourage for a while, but I have been very happy after switching over to mail, address book and iCal. The benefit of using the apple apps is the synching features (if you have .Mac...and I think you can publish iCal calendars even without .Mac, I'm not sure) it's wonderful to be able to get at my address book, calendars, etc from anywhere. And besides, not using Entourage means using one less app from M$.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    There are a lot of us who are this close (mashing fingers together) from moving away from Entourage to Apple's apps....but we just can't do it yet. Apple's strong syncing features are drool-worthy and iCal seems a useful tool.

    If only Mail were a more professional mail application!
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    What features are missing from Mail? I ask because I'm curious; it suits my needs fine, but I don't make too many demands of my email program.
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    hotmail support?
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    yeah, I use it. but it when you delete something in your mail, it doesn't delete it in hotmail.

    yay. nvm it does it now!
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