My 30GB iPod secretly hates me.

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I bought a used 3rd Gen 30GB iPod three days ago and I'm having the strangest issues. Here's the background:

After I received the iPod, I used the iPod updater 2.1 (selecting Restore) off my G4 laptop and then used iTunes to move over my music and the iSync to move over my mac's address book (2400+) and my iCal. The iPod would start up, interact with me for 15-20 seconds and then suddenly shut off.

I again used updater (selecting restore) and again moved over the music, address book and iCal. Same issue again. I'm tried doing this on my G3 laptop - same issue. The fourth and final install was back on my G4 laptop and I tried moving over JUST the music. It FINALLY stayed "on" and hasn't suddenly shut off and restarted.

I've since tried adding/moving over just my iCal or just my address book and they both cause the iPod to suddenly crash. When I erase the files - everything is happy again. I noticed that after I added the iCal's and it crashed, the calendars were not showing up on the iPod, but the files were actually there in the folder on the iPod.

I've also tried moving over just Address Book Vcards (not via iSync) and it's the same issue.

Anyone have any ideas?


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    i'm confused as to how youre moving all these files around, but i guarantee you thats where the problem is. maybe move the files BEFORE you move over the ipod....
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    interactinteract Posts: 47member
    Music - iTunes "updates" the iPod for me. Nothing manual on my end.

    iCal - iSync moves the calendars over for me. Once they're on the iPod - it suddenly shuts off and resets. Also tried to manually drop the ics files .... no difference.

    Address Book - iSync again. Once they're on the iPod - it suddenly shuts off and resets. Also tried to manually select and drop the vCards, but it made no difference.

    I read an article about various firewire devices may interfer with iPods. I've JUST restored (fifth time) and attached the iPod (now the only firewire device attached.) I didn't move over the music - just iSync'd over the Address Books - CRASHED again ... shish ....
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    worldircworldirc Posts: 39member
    Could this be hardware related (I'm asking the members, not you Interact).
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member

    Originally posted by WorldIRC

    Could this be hardware related (I'm asking the members, not you Interact).

    Try erasing the iPod and then installing the software. I had problems with mine before and that really helped. Make sure you have enabled use of a firewire disk and then it should be fine. If not call Apple!
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    UPDATE ....

    Turns out that my 30GB iPod can hold (at the most) .... ready for it .... 1000 contacts. 30GB ... 1000 contacts. Any more that 1000 and the iPod enters into a continous cycle of powering up ... SLOWLY loading 2400 contacts ... finishing and then suddenly resetting. I found this lovely fact buried on the apple site.

    Now I know that most people use their iPods for home and personal use, but I rely on a massive address book of 2400+ people. My usual situation is that I'm out somewhere and someone calls me and I need to look a contact up right then and there. I find it annoying that apple mentions this is for personal and office use ....

    After trying a Palm, I choose an iPod because I'm one of those people that needs to look things up ... not enter in data. I'm absolutely ticked off that 30GB = 1000 contacts. That's an insanely ridiculous lacking - considering the massive space.

    What's even WORSE is that I called Apple Canada to see if this was a hardware or software issue. I asked the person if I can hold 2400+ contacts - he said that I was only limited by the amount of space left on the drive and he couldn't figure out why the iPod was resetting all the time - he said it sounded like a problem with the drive. He then was pressuring me into purchasing an $89 applecare package and wanted to ship me a box to send the iPod in. Totally deceptive!
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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    honestly I think he doesn't really know about the address book limit. You should try and get your contact list down, you can't tell me you have 2400 contacts all with 3 different numbers and what not? I mean even a Palm will have problems handling that, not mention well a computer too heh. How have you entered the data in address book?
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    Check out "iPod can work with up to 1000 contacts." Again ... 30GB = 1000 contacts ... an absolute letdown.

    We use Filemaker 6.0 to maintain our database. I export specific fields, then use vCard creator and the import into address book. These are clean records (no " or ' or , or & or ; or accents) - our shipping software is so darn fussy with strange characters.)

    Our company is in public relations and we have a complete media list of all radio, television, newspaper and internet outlets that we use for film and television. We also have a vast list of retail partners that we use on a regular basis. This address book is not a hobby nor from someone who's bored and has nothing better to do. I typically get a call from a client in Toronto wanting the name of a specific journalist in Vancouver (prime example - last phone call was for the name of the food editor at the one of the papers.)

    I'm more than willing to remove a portion of this list, but this would involve me combing through (as of today) 2522 records and coming up with some clever system to rank each contact and affect it's export. I would be willing to go through the list once, but regardless .... 30GB = 1000 contacts ... The Palm I tested handled the number of records fine, but I have 14GB of music. Thought the iPod would work, but obviously not.
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    Accidental post. Please delete.
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