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Hey y'all.. I have been working a site full of CSS+XHTML designs, and I would like to know what you thunkit

(i thought I posted this earlier, but I guess not)

goo: The Kitchen


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Good stuff, can you recommend any good CSS references then? or did you just hunt it all down from various sites?

    I have not seen the text-shadow used anywhere before, the glowing white text is really cool.
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    The text shadow is CSS2, that's why a lot of people don't use it, or at least don't rely on it to be an integral part of the design.

    I'd buy an O'Reilly pocket reference to CSS, and hit the @3c schools site which tells you which version of CSS stuff belongs to and what they do.
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    Nicely done. Its cool they are all XML and CSS validated. You can do some really nice and powerful design with CSS.
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    Nice stuff. I'm glad to see people with some creative flair are finally getting behind CSS. The licence is nice too.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    i especially like the "form of the times" site. mostly because of its self-reflexive humor. it reminds me of those pictures you used to see of cows, with each place where a steak comes from, marked off with dotted lines and labeled.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    thank you for the kinds word(z)
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I personally have never touched CSS2, now I have an excuse to spend some time on it
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    what is that excuse?
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    A retarded question....what browsers support CCS 2?
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    I don't think any browser "fully" supports CSS2. Safari and the Mozilla-based browsers support most of it. Internet Explorer... well...
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    I've got a new site an my Kitchen:

    Voster Corp

    tell me what you think
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