Firewire 410/Firewire HD w/white iBook g3

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
m-audio says not to run hd's on the same bus as the 410 (which has an extra fw port), so, since this ibook has only one usb port, it seems like i'm out of luck unless i want to risk buying a 200 dollar maybe-paperweight, unless anyone else has had luck?

or, more generally if noone makes music here, running fw hds thru fw interfaces that use that hd.

anybody think a fw hub would handle it better for not running thru the 410? that idea doesn't make total sense to me cuz the fw thru on the 410 is prob pretty ind of the unit itself, namean?

no one can really answer this for me except some knuckleheads who don't feel any lag with the sketchy setup i am tempted to get.

i'd really appreciate a more tech. answer. thx for reading thru.

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